What Does My Software Setup Look Like?

I recently got a new (refurbished) notebook and already wrote a post about that, but this time, I would like to focus on my software setup. What programs do I use for developing? What do I use for writing? And what is my favorite web browser? But first let’s start with the Operating System: Operating System: Solus I love Linux and I’m already on the Linux site for a few years.

Every Writer Deletes Many Drafts

When you’re writing just to publish your thoughts, when you aren’t forced to cover specific topics, when you’re totally free about each post, it may happen often, that you start but also delete many drafts. I often have ideas. Sometimes I think my ideas are great, so I start to write them down. But then I get interrupted or I rethink about my thoughts and come to the conclusion, that they aren’t as good as I was thinking before.