Why Did I Forget The Greatness Of Podcasts?

I like podcasts. I really like podcasts. But it’s only a few days since I rediscovered how much I like them. Like a week ago my friend Zan started his own podcast (together with another guy). Because I follow his work I also listened to the first two episodes. Their podcast is called “Pocket Friend” and they talk about all things mobile. A topic I’m really interested in. Also one of my favorite YouTubers recently started podcasting.

3 Things I Would Do Differently Now

You get much of your knowledge by doing mistakes. Here are some things I would have done differently if I had my present knowledge: 1. Choose another second foreign language In school we were able to decide between Latin and French as a second foreign language (besides English). I decided for Latin, because everyone told me, French grammar is more difficult and Latin is more logical (I preferred logical things, because I also liked maths).

Do Zero-Days and Though Work Towards Your Goals

Julian Zehr recently published a post regarding Zero-Days, the days where you don’t do something to reach your goals. So where you don’t code to become the world’s best software developer or don’t write to become the most famous blogger. The days where you do something different. I totally agree with him, that the best way to reach this goal is using every day to come your goals closer, but I also think sometimes it’s necessary to do something different, like running instead of coding or reading instead of writing, even when it’s not directly related to your goal.

Not Every Advice is Good Advice

When I surf the Internet on my daily journey, I see a billion articles that want to show me how I can optimize my life, how I can become more successful, how I can be one of the top 1%. And even if I read some of them and think that they are good advice, I won’t implement any of them in the end. Because if you want to change, you have to want to change.