5 Easy Tips to Make Emails Painless - Minimalism begins with a clean inbox

How do you make sure that opening the mailbox is not painful and associated with negative emotions? How do I manage not to get knocked out by the mountain of work that my email account reminds me of? Here are some tips from my own experience for better email management: Unsubscribe from this stupid newsletter I almost always get a crisis when I see how many emails others have in their mailbox with the words “special offer”.

How to Replace Twitter with Email as News Source - Non-technical reasons and technical implementation

How do you follow the blogs and news sites that interest you? Twitter, Facebook, Feedly or any other newsreader? I used to do that too, but now I only use email. Email? That’s right, my mailbox is my newsreader. Although I’m offering an app on Google Play that does the exact job of displaying news, I’m now mainly using my email inbox and Telegram to keep up to date with the latest news and topics I’m interested in.